Leather is timeless, encompassing both classic designs and modern minimalist aesthetics. At SAFYD, we have redefined leather apparel, elevating your outerwear fashion with a touch of luxury. Discover how our collection brightens your style and exudes a captivating appeal.


Humans are an ingenious and inventive species, we tend to develop things as per our needs. A similar approach was followed by primitive people when they first used Leather for clothing, footwear, tents and other protective purposes. 

Due to its durable nature with commendable thermoregulation qualities, leather has become the most valuable discovery as well as become a luxury garment. Additionally, derived from natural resources, leather garments are eco-friendly due to their low carbon footprint.

That’s Why we SAFYD disrupt the usual purchase cycle that goes through the manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler before making its way to the retailer. By the time it reaches the customer, the prices have already raised to 2x.

SAFYD is a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand, enabling us to offer fashionable attire with a lesser price tag and cut down the delivery time. We have expertise in customising the client’s favorite article and quickly ship in just few business days. Our practical yet innovative designs cover all needs of outwear fashion for 15-year-olds to 70-year-olds.

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We strive to deliver premium and hand-crafted leather apparel direct to our customers.

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