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TV Shows have had a significant impact on fashion trends, with fans eagerly seeking to emulate the iconic outfits worn on-screen. In particular, the trend of iconic jackets worn on TV shows has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts, with fans seeking out similar TV series jackets & Outfits to incorporate into their own personal style. These fashion choices are inspired by the characters and actors who bring them to life, highlighting the powerful influence of pop culture on consumer behavior. From leather jackets to coats and other outwear apparels, TV series outfits continue to inspire fans to seek out the latest styles and trends.

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  • Roy Kent Black Leather Jacket
    $149.00$179.00 USD

    Introducing the Roy Kent leather jacket, an embodiment of rugged sophistication inspired by the indomitable character played by Brett Goldstein in the TV series Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso S03 Black Jacket blends rugged sophistication with Roy’s unwavering determination and timeless style and symbolizes his unwavering commitment. Just as Roy Kent leaves an indelible mark on the field, this jacket leaves an unforgettable impression wherever it is worn.

  • Chicago PD Hank Voight Brown Fit Leather Jacket - Front View
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    Played by heart-throb Jason Beghe in the TV series Chicago P.D., Sergeant Hank Voight serves as head of the Intelligence Unit and is known for using unlawful methods to catch criminals. Despite being a rule breaker and antagonistic personality, he manages to develop a healthy work relationship with his team. Apparently negative at first, the famous Chicago P.D. intelligence officer was later found to be an undercover mafia slayer thus gaining the HERO image among the viewers. Sergeant Hank is an absolute representation of people doing good things in bad ways. The captivating look of Hank Voight Chicago P.D. leather jacket brought the actor immense recognition and stardom as a badass police officer. Instantly picked up by fans, the signature Hank Voight brown leather jacket look is still a hot choice for cold nights. It’s time to upgrade your winter wear with this classic cowhide leather jacket!

  • The Last Of Us 2023 Joel Miller Suede Leather Jacket - Front View
    $159.00$229.00 USD

    The Most Damaged is the Most Wisest; genuinely fits with Joel Miller character. A rugged and weathered survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. He has a gruff and no-nonsense demeanor, and his appearance reflects this. He typically wears practical clothing, such as worn jeans and boots, along with a simple t-shirt and his signature leather jacket. The jacket itself is a dark brown color, with a distressed and slightly worn look that matches Joel’s overall winter appearance. It has a simple, utilitarian design with few frills or adornments, giving it a rugged and masculine feel. The leather jacket also helps to protect Joel from the elements and provides an extra layer of defense against the many dangers he faces in his journey. Overall, Joel’s attire reinforces his character as a survivor who values practicality and toughness above all else.

  • Reacher Season 2 Brown Jacket aka Jack Reacher Brown Cotton Cruiser Jacket - Front Posture
    $129.00$149.00 USD

    A tough guy with a compassionate heart is what makes any girl dazzle. Such a combo is Jack Reacher, a popular book character. A recent adaptation of the character by Alan Ritchson in the TV series Reacher spellbound the audience with his intimidating personality. Alan Ritchson Brown Cotton Jacket represents his tough nature and keen intellect. Perfect for a day out in the life of an ex-military cop turned nomad, this piece of clothing emanates all the fierce and savage vibes as well as gives him a heroic look while fighting off the baddie criminals. 

  • 10th Doctor Who David Tennant Suede Leather Long Trench Coat - Front View
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    The 10th Doctor Coat is an iconic piece of sci-fi fashion that pays homage to one of the most beloved incarnations of the Time Lord. This coat captures the essence of the 10th Doctor’s quirky and adventurous persona, as portrayed by David Tennant, and has become an emblem of Whovian style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this trench coat is made from high-quality wool blend fabric, offering a luxurious and tactile experience. Its rich brown color gives it a warm and earthy appeal, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

  • David Puddy 8 Ball Red Leather Jacket - Front View
    $109.00$149.00 USD

    Introducing SAFYD’s version of Seinfeld 8 Ball Jacket, famously worn by Patrick Warburton in his role as David Puddy in the legendary sitcom Seinfeld. Seinfeld 8 Ball Jacket, with its distinctive and eye-catching design featuring a prominent 8 ball, became a symbol of Puddy’s unique personality and unapologetic quirkiness on the show. Step into the realm of sitcom history and embody Puddy’s bold and unforgettable style with this classic piece of television memorabilia.

  • Agatha Harkness Black Long Frock Coat - Detective Black Long Coat - Front View
    $149.00$169.00 USD

    Imagine walking down the dimly lit, cobblestone streets of a 19th-century London, the air thick with intrigue. In the midst of the fog, you catch a glimpse of a striking figure – it’s the Agatha Harkness Black Long Frock Coat.This exquisite garment is not your run-of-the-mill coat; it’s a masterpiece that exudes timeless charm and a hint of enigma. The deep black hue of the coat is as mysterious as the secrets it conceals, making it the perfect choice for those who want to make a bold and intriguing statement.

  • Edge aka Ares Leather Trench Coat from Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Adam Copeland Black Leather Coat - Front View
    $179.00$209.00 USD

    Eagerly anticipating the upcoming debut of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians TV series? Brace yourself with another treat straight from the realm of Ares, designed to soothe your anticipation. Ares Edge Trench Leather Coat’s silhouette, a warrior’s regalia, highlights his strength and dominance. With each step, the coat’s leather whispers tales of centuries of strife, a fitting companion to navigate both the mortal and divine realms. As Adam Copeland Edge envelops himself in its folds, he dons an emblem of Ares’s godly lineage, a garment that bridges the gap between myth and reality. 

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Brown Leather Jacket worn ini Arnold & Sly: Rivals, Friends, Icons - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    The Arnold Schwarzenegger Brown Leather Jacket, as featured in “Arnold & Sly: Rivals, Friends, Icons,” epitomizes the rugged yet refined style that has become synonymous with the legendary action star. Crafted from premium quality leather, this jacket exudes both durability and luxury, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe.

  • Good Omens Crowley Blazer - Season 02 Black Cotton Jacket - Front ViewGood Omens Crowley Blazer - Season 02 Black Cotton Jacket - Front View
    $129.00$159.00 USD

    Michael Sheen’s Aziraphale dons a beige cotton trench coat in Good Omens, a garment that embodies both a sense of timeless style and an air of otherworldly charm. The neutral beige hue of the coat reflects his penchant for subtlety and his desire to blend seamlessly into the mortal realm. Its versatile colour carries a hint of warmth, mirroring his kind-hearted and gentle nature. In this timeless Aziraphale Good Omens Beige Cotton Trench Coat, Aziraphale’s character finds a tangible form, representing his eternal presence and unwavering dedication to the preservation of goodness. 

  • Yellowstone's Beth Dutton Wool Coat with Shearling Collar - Front View
    $149.00$179.00 USD

    Inspired by the savvy businesswoman, Beth Dutton in the American neo-western drama serial Yellowstone, SAFYD has recreated the branded outerwear to make you look fierce and independent just like her. Played by the gorgeous Kelly Reilly, Beth is a competent child and only daughter of the Dutton family and handles the family’s ranch business. A multidimensional personality, she is extremely intelligent, problem-solving and loyal. Beth Dutton Yellowstone coat is designed to match the same traits and give a modern and savage appeal regardless of where you are, at a party or in a business meeting. 

  • Beth Dutton Pink Printed Aztec Coat in Wool Blend - Yellowstone S05 Bohemian Native Indian Design Coat - Front View
    $149.00$199.00 USD

    Yellowstone S05 Bohemian Native Indian Design Coat” is a stunning and distinctive outerwear piece that embodies the bold and fashionable style of the character Beth Dutton from the popular television series “Yellowstone,” specifically in Season 5. This coat is crafted from a high-quality wool blend, ensuring both warmth and durability.The coat serves as an artistic expression, delving into the intricacies of Native Indian design while embracing a Bohemian flair.

  • The Boys Billy Butcher Black Leather Trench Coat - Front View
    $179.00$199.00 USD

    The Billy Butcher Coat from the hit TV series “The Boys” is a bold and commanding piece of outerwear that reflects the character’s rugged and no-nonsense persona. This trench coat is the epitome of cool, combining a classic design with a contemporary edge. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this coat captures the essence of Billy Butcher, portrayed by Karl Urban, in the dark and gritty world of superheroes. Made from genuine leather, it exudes an aura of toughness and resilience while providing exceptional durability.

  • Sex/Life Brad Simon Black Leather Biker Jacket - Front View
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    Sex/Life is a Netflix series about a suburban mother of two whose ex-bf, the heartthrob Brad Simon comes back to revive their wild-child past. Played on-screen by Adam Demos, the urban-style revolutionist Brad will take you on a fantasy-charged trip with his modern and playful attires. Just like in the season, Sex/Life Brad Simon Leather Jacket ignites the passion for a hot and bold fashion drive.

  • Ciri Fox Shearling Suedel Leather Vest from The Witcher Season 03 - Front View - 34 % Off
    $249.00$299.00 USD

    One of the central figures in The Witcher, Cirilla Fiona Elen is a renowned monster hunter. Princess of Cintra, portrayed by Freya Allan, has managed to catch our minds with her Real Fox Fur Suede Leather Vest. A true mark of her evolving from a vulnerable princess to a strong-willed and capable warrior, Ciri Vest represent her growth and resilience. Its elegant appearance evokes a sense of grace and nobility, a reminder of her royal bloodline. Unleash your inner resilience and style as you channel the strength and grace of this iconic character!