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  • Men's Bazzaro Black Leather Biker Jacket - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Biker jackets add an instant rugged and bold touch to one’s personality. Originally tailored to serve as safety gear for motorcyclists, this vintage wear became one of the most followed fashion trends in history. 

  • Men's Bellagio Vintage Tan Brown Leather Biker Jacket - Front View - 20 % Off
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Whether you’re hitting the open road on a motorcycle or simply running errands around town, a brown biker jacket is a stylish and practical choice that will never go out of style. SAFYD’s Bellagio Vintage Biker Jacket conveys edginess and rebellion, making it an enduring symbol of coolness and nonconformity.

  • Sex/Life Brad Simon Black Leather Biker Jacket - Front View
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    Sex/Life is a Netflix series about a suburban mother of two whose ex-bf, the heartthrob Brad Simon comes back to revive their wild-child past. Played on-screen by Adam Demos, the urban-style revolutionist Brad will take you on a fantasy-charged trip with his modern and playful attires. Just like in the season, Sex/Life Brad Simon Leather Jacket ignites the passion for a hot and bold fashion drive.

  • Chicago Vandals Johnny Leather Biker JacketChicago Vandals Printed Logo Close up - 20 % Off
    $169.00$229.00 USD

    The Chicago Vandals printed leather biker jacket is a visual testament to the rebellious spirit and camaraderie associated with motorcycle culture in The Bikeriders Movie. Crafted with inspiration drawn from the Chicago Vandals motorcycle clubs founder Johnny played by Tom Hardy, this jacket encapsulates the rugged aesthetics and free-spirited ethos that characterizes the open road. Tailored to capture the rebellious flair, this jacket fulfills the fantasy of motorcycle enthusiasts, inviting them to embrace the untamed allure of the open highway while paying homage to the fandom of the Chicago Vandals.

  • Men's Black Droco leather Jacket - Front view
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Originating from traditional leather outerwear, biker jackets are designed as fashionable safety gear for motorcyclists. With the same approach, SAFYD has released its very own outerwear because we truly care for our beloved customers. This regular-fit leather jacket is a must-have for a man’s wardrobe. 

  • Easy Rider Peter Fonda Black leather Biker Jacket with US Flag - Front View
    $119.00$219.00 USD

    The legendary actor, Peter Fonda’s character Wyatt in the movie Easy Rider, serves as a visual representation of rebellion and free spirit. Easy Rider Peter Fonda Black leather Biker Jacket exudes his fearless aura, while the US flag symbolises his deep connection to the ideals of freedom. It embodies a sense of raw masculinity and self-assurance with its classic biker design, complete with rugged details. Easy Rider Black Leather Jacket becomes a second skin for Wyatt, radiating his fierce individuality and unwavering determination.

  • Men's Enzo Black Leather Biker Jacket - Front VIew
    $159.00$189.00 USD

    SAFYD has created this amazing design with the vintage biker spirit. Tailored according to classic biker-inspired features, the rocky biker jacket radiates energy and style.

  • Jon Moxley AEW Leather Jacket - Green Waxed Leather Biker Jacket - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    The Jon Moxley AEW Vintage Green Leather Biker Jacket – a distinctive and rugged embodiment of style that pays homage to the iconic persona of the renowned professional wrestler, Jon Moxley.What sets this leather jacket apart is the attention to detail in replicating Jon Moxley’s signature style.

  • Zayn malik love like this jacket
    $189.00$219.00 USD

    The incredibly talented Zayn Malik rocks an iconic Studded Biker Jacket In his latest music his. Radiating an aura of rebellious charm and effortlessly coolness, Zayn Malik’s retro style leather jacket is an absolute show-stopper, just like himself. In this mesmerizing Love Like This music video, Zayn Malik proves once again that he’s not just a talented musician but also a style icon, setting trends and inspiring fans worldwide with his distinctive fashion choices.

  • Men’s Brando Classic Motorcycle Vintage Black Leather Jacket - Front View
    $149.00$169.00 USD

    A classic and iconic piece of motorcycle riding gear, the moto jacket is a timeless fashion staple since the 50s. The popular fashion item can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual to dressy, and can add an edgy or rebellious touch to any look.

  • Johnny Strabler BRMC JacketMarlon Brando aka Johnny BRMC Jacket - 20 % Off
    $169.00$229.00 USD

    The BRMC motorcycle jacket, inspired by Marlon Brando’s iconic style, is a sartorial homage to rebellion and individualism. This back printed BRMC jacket draws inspiration from Brando’s original Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aka BRMC attire, featuring the distinctive asymmetrical zipper, wide lapels, and zippered pockets. The high-quality black leather not only pays tribute to the rugged authenticity of Brando’s personal style but also provides a durable and long-lasting outwear. The tailored fit captures the essence of Brando’s powerful and charismatic presence, allowing fans to channel their inner rebel. The BRMC print on the back adds a touch of nostalgia, transporting wearers into the era of Brando’s iconic roles. This jacket not only fulfills the fantasy of Marlon Brando enthusiasts but also caters to the requirements of those seeking a fashion statement that transcends time, embracing the rebellious spirit that Brando so effortlessly embodied.

  • Men's MotoCross Black and White Leather Biker Jacket - Front View
    $199.00$229.00 USD

    The Men’s MotoCross Black and White Leather Biker Jacket is a sleek and stylish outerwear piece crafted for motorcycle enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. This jacket embodies a perfect fusion of functionality and fashion, offering both protection and a bold aesthetic.This versatile jacket seamlessly transitions from the road to urban settings, making it a statement piece in casual wear. Whether cruising on a bike or exploring the city streets, this MotoCross Black and White Leather Biker Jacket exudes confidence, style, and durability, making it an iconic choice for individuals seeking a combination of fashion and functionality in their outerwear.

  • 13 Reasons Why Tony Padilla Black Leather Biker Jacket with Diamond Padded Shoulders
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    Tony Padilla, portrayed by Christian Navarro in Netflix’s Original series 13 Reasons Why is the best friend we all need for once in our life. He was a shoulder to cry on to Clay as well as proved to be the only true friend Hannah has before she committed suicide. She even entrusts him with the tapes and he undoubtedly fulfilled the task thoroughly. The Tony Padilla leather jacket exudes the character’s loyal and caring ilk as well as appearing to be greaser and cool.

  • Men's Wade Black Leather Biker Jacket - Front View
    $189.00$219.00 USD

    Introducing the epitome of edgy sophistication, behold the Black Leather Biker Jacket. This iconic piece combines the timeless allure of a classic biker jacket with a touch of opulence, making it a standout addition to any wardrobe. The supple leather not only offers protection against the elements but also moulds to the wearer’s body, creating a customized fit that only enhances its allure over time.

  • Negan Leather JacketTWD Negan Leather Biker Jacket aka The Walking Dead Superstar Negan Double Rider Jacket - Front View
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    Step into the realm of rebellious style with our Negan Black Leather Biker Jacket, the epitome of edgy sophistication. Whether cruising on a motorcycle or walking down the street, a leather biker jacket instantly elevates your style, exuding an effortlessly badass vibe that demands attention.