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  • Hell on Wheel Cullen Bohannon Rub Off Vintage Western Brown Leather Vest-Front View
    $109.00$139.00 USD

    An expert in creating inspirational staples, SAFYD has designed this Cullen Bohannon Hell on Wheels Vest to reflect the brave and fearless Cullen Bohannon in the TV series Hell on Wheels. Worn by the actor Anson Mount, the rustic vest gives off genuine ex-confederate soldier vibes. The TV series depicts the story of Cullen, who returned home after the war only to find his family murdered in the most ruthless manner. Set out on the quest to exact revenge, he reached a town, Hell on Wheels and killed the Union soldiers responsible for killing his family.

  • Hidden Strike Chris Van Horne Biker Club Leather Vest - Front View
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    John Cena Biker Vest was worn by John Cena in the action-packed movie Hidden Strike. This iconic garment adds an extra layer of ruggedness and style to the character of Chris Van Horne, a former American Marine living in Baghdad, Iraq. Its sleek design captures a sense of power and authority, reflecting Chris Van Horne’s military background and his commitment to protecting those in need. As John Cena joins forces with Jackie Chan’s Luo Feng, a retired Chinese military soldier-turned-private-security-contractor, the Hidden Strike Chris Van Horne Biker Leather Vest becomes a symbol of their shared heroism and unwavering resolve.

  • The Cowboys John Wayne Leather Vest - Front View
    $129.00$139.00 USD

    The brown leather sleeveless vest truly defines and relates to the peculiar cowboy outfits. SAFYD, a huge western wear fan has recreated the vintage john wayne vest from the superhit movie The Cowboys. Played the iconic actor of that era, John Wayne, the character was seen as an old and wise rancher, who handpicked the young boys for a cattle drive and gave their life a meaningful turn along with countryside adventures and fun.

  • Gunsmoke Marshall Matt Dillon Brown Suede Leather Vest - Front View
    $129.00$159.00 USD

    Marshal Matt Dillon Vest is an evergreen piece of cowboy style outwear that rightly defines our love for western wear. We at SAFYD are delighted to offer this Gunsmoke-inspired James Arness Vest that gives off the character’s tan and cowboy energy. On air for about two decades, Gunsmoke was one of the longest-running TV shows, rendering the actor immense popularity. James Arness was himself a discharged army personnel, a background that helped him in playing the tough yet spunky Marshall Matt Dillon.

  • Men's Thor Love and Thunder Red Leather Vest - Front View
    $139.00$179.00 USD

    The most anticipated edition to the MCU’s Thor series, Thor Love and Thunder showoffs Chris Hemsworth brawling in the opening scenes wearing the iconic Thor red biker vest. SAFYD has created the vest in leather that emanates the God of Thunder’s unbreakable strength and charm.

  • One Day as a Lion Walter Boggs SUEDE Leather BUCKLE TIE VEST - Front View
    $129.00$179.00 USD

    Despite its simple design, Walter Boggs Leather Vest is a key part of J. K. Simmon’s look in the movie One Day As a Lion. Its rough-and-tumble appearance hints at his unflappable attitude and willingness to stand up to even the toughest adversaries. This rugged and practical vest is perfect for anyone looking to channel their inner cowboy while still staying comfortable and stylish.