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  • Indiana Jones Distressed Brown Leather Jacket
    $149.00$220.00 USD

    Are you a fan of adventure movies in real? Then Indiana Jones would not sound unfamiliar. The latest addition to the series is Indiana Jones and the Dial of the Destiny 2023 featuring Harrison Ford as the intelligent and brave hero who finding himself in a post retirement and new technological era that outgrown him. In the movie, Harrison can be seen lashing all-too-familiar evil return as a very old rival bad guys while wearing the classic hat, his famous whip and the rugged distressed leather jacket inspired from give a resilient and cool look to the nerdy archaeologist.

  • Watchmen Rorschach Coat
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    In the movie Watchmen, Rorschach Brown Trench Jacket becomes an iconic piece of Rorschach’s visual portrayal, reflecting his uncompromising nature, his disdain for moral compromise, and his unflinching dedication to unravelling the darkest secrets of society. It stands as a symbol of his vigilante persona, a coat that conceals both his identity and the depths of his unyielding resolve. The weathered texture of the jacket hints at the battles Rorschach has fought and the sacrifices he has made in his tireless pursuit of justice. It bears the marks of countless struggles, yet remains a steadfast companion, a testament to his unyielding determination.

  • Good for Health - Bad for Education Red JacketAkira Kaneda Jacket
    $139.00$199.00 USD

    Attention all anime enthusiasts! Prepare to be thrilled by our newest offering: the Akira Kaneda Capsule Red Jacket. Delve into the world of iconic Japanese anime with this must-have item. Its sleek design mirrors Kaneda’s confident and daring nature, making it the perfect fit for his role in the movie, Akira, as a motorcycle gang leader in the post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo. It’s not just attire; it’s a shield, representing his protector role. Gear up in the Akira Kaneda Capsule Red Jacket and unleash your inner anime hero today!

  • American Fiction's Monk (Thelonious "Monk" Ellison) Blue Blazer - Jeffrey Wright Blue Cotton Two Button Blazer - Front View
    $129.00$189.00 USD

    The American Fiction’s Monk Blue Blazer, inspired by the iconic Thelonious “Monk” Ellison, is a sartorial masterpiece that seamlessly blends classic sophistication with a touch of artistic flair. Crafted from a premium cotton/wool blend, it exudes both comfort and refined elegance. The two-button design lends a tailored yet relaxed fit, making it versatile for various occasions.

  • No Country for Old Men An­ton Chig­urh Black Jacket
    $99.00$199.00 USD

    In the dark and gritty world of “No Country for Old Men,” Javier Bardem’s portrayal of Anton Chigurh stands out not only for its chilling intensity but also for its distinctive style. The character of Anton Chigurh is an enigmatic and ruthless hitman, and his signature look, epitomized by the Trucker Style Black Jacket, adds an extra layer of intrigue to his character. Whether you’re a fan of the film, seeking to channel a sense of enigmatic charisma, or simply looking for a versatile and stylish black leather jacket, the No Country for Old Men Javier Bardem Trucker Style Black Jacket is an exceptional choice. It allows you to embody the sinister allure of Anton Chigurh while making a bold and timeless fashion statement. Whether worn casually or as a statement piece, this jacket is a testament to the enduring impact of cinema and the indelible image of a truly unforgettable character.

  • Argylle Green Velvet Jacket aka Henry Cavill Spy Formal Bottle Green Nehru Jacket
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    The Argyle Green Velvet Jacket, also known as the Henry Cavill Spy Formal Bottle Green Nehru Jacket, is a truly exquisite and stylish garment that seamlessly combines classic design with a modern twist. This jacket is a testament to sophistication and luxury, perfect for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life. Henry Cavill, known for his impeccable sense of style, brings his signature charm to this jacket, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to channel his suave spy persona. Whether you’re attending a formal event, a special occasion, or simply want to make a statement at a cocktail party, this jacket effortlessly combines classic elegance with a contemporary edge. In conclusion, the Argyle Green Velvet Jacket, also known as the Henry Cavill Spy Formal Bottle Green Nehru Jacket, is a masterpiece of blending luxury, style, and sophistication. With its plush velvet fabric, meticulous tailoring, and timeless design, this jacket is the epitome of refined elegance, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the art of dressing well.

  • It Ends with Us Atlas Corrigan Brow Suede Leather Jacket - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Always keeping an eye on the upcoming trends, SAFYD has brought a garment that is yet to make a debut in the movie, It Ends with Us, based on the novel by Colleen Hoover. To soothe your imagination about the hunk Atlas Corrigan, Brandon Sklenar will be seen fancying this Brown Suede Leather Jacket. Atlas Corrigan Suede Leather Jacket perfectly captures the charm of his free-spirited nature, showcasing a blend of simplicity and rugged elegance. Reflecting on his inherent gentleness and sensitivity, its rich brown colour symbolises warmth, stability, and a connection to nature.

  • Beverly Hills Edition Cop Axel Foley Detroit Lions Vintage Sports Letterman Jacket - Front View
    $129.00$149.00 USD

    Even after all these years, the Detroit Lions Letterman Jacket worn by Eddie Murphy in the “Beverly Hills Cop” movie series continues to captivate fans around the globe. A symbol of nostalgia and a fashion statement, Axel Foley Detroit Lions Jacket channel his confident and rebellious spirit. Acts as a visual reminder of his roots, representing his connection to his hometown,  Detroit Lions Vintage Sports Letterman Jacket becomes a symbolic extension of his character, reflecting his boldness and individuality.

  • $139.00$199.00 USD

    Just like the Back to the Future movie franchise and its lead protagonist Marty McFly, this red and grey leather jacket leaves a lasting impression in cinematic history. With its dynamic colour scheme, the jacket captures the essence of Marty’s daring spirit and his journey through time. Back to the Future Marty Mcfly Leather Jacket is a futuristic piece of outerwear that adapts effortlessly to any timeline. 

  • Bad Boys Ride or Die Martin Lawrence aka Marcus Burnett Black and Cream Varsity Jacket - Front View
    $149.00$169.00 USD

    This ain’t your average varsity jacket; oh no, it’s got that Bad Boys twist. Picture sleek black fabric with cream-colored sleeves, a classic combo that’s as timeless as it gets. But it’s not just about the colors – it’s about the attitude. When Marcus struts onto the scene in this jacket, you know things are about to get real. The design? It’s clean, it’s sharp, and it’s all about making a statement. With bold lines and a confident silhouette, this jacket doesn’t just hug the body – it owns it. And those ribbed cuffs and collar? They add a touch of old-school charm that’s pure Miami Vice vibes.And let’s not forget the details. From the embroidered badge on the chest to the subtle stitching along the seams, every inch of this jacket is crafted with precision. It’s the kind of attention to detail that separates the boys from the men – or in this case, the bad boys from the wannabes.

  • TDKR Bane Coat is Distressed Brown Leather aka Tom Hardy Faux Shearling Trench Coat - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Tom Hardy as Bane in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, sported a remarkable Distressed Brown Leather Faux Shearling Trench Coat that exuded a captivating blend of ruggedness and sophistication. This remarkable coat embodies the raw power and uncompromising nature of Bane, with its distinct design and rugged appearance. The distressed brown leather exterior exudes a sense of chaos and rebellion, reflecting Bane’s disruptive presence in Gotham City. Effortlessly exuding an aura of authority and dominance, TDKR Bane Brown Leather Coat serves as a visual embodiment of his imposing presence

  • Batman Knightmare Justice League/ Superman vs Batman Brown Leather Trench Coat - Front View
    $179.00$199.00 USD

    In the hauntingly iconic Knightmare scene from Justice League, Batman’s trench coat takes centre stage as a symbol of survival and resistance in a dystopian world. This meticulously designed, battle-worn Batman Knight mare Justice League Trench Coat not only protects the Dark Knight from the elements but also serves as a visual metaphor for his relentless determination to combat the nightmarish forces that have plunged the world into chaos.

  • Michael Keaton's Batman Leather Jacket - Front View
    $119.00$199.00 USD

    This Yellow Batman Logo was first seen in the Lego Batman animated movie released in 2017, which featured a classic DC storyline. However, the appearance of the fan-favorite Batman Yellow logo in The Flash (2023) movie, worn by the critically acclaimed Batman played by Michael Keaton, proves to be the main highlight of the film. Although he is considered a superhero, Batman lacks any superhuman abilities and relies solely on his intelligence, physical prowess, and a vast array of high-tech gadgets to combat his foes. What helped him become the dark hero of the century is his Batman Leather Jacket, adorned with a bat emblem that symbolizes justice and determination. If you are a fan of his dark and brooding personality, the Lego Batman Leather Jacket is the perfect wardrobe choice for you!

  • The Haunted Mansion Ben Matthias Brown Leather Peacoat - Front View
    $169.00$219.00 USD

    Get ready to channel your inner fearless adventurer with this stylish leather jacket inspired by the iconic character Ben Matthias from the spine-tingling movie Haunted Mansion. Whether you’re braving the twists and turns of a haunted mansion or simply hitting the town with friends, this jacket is sure to make an impact. With its edgy yet timeless design and striking detailing, it’ll feel like a true hero every time you slip it on. So why wait? Embrace your inner explorer and take on the world in style with the Ben Matthias Haunted Mansion Leather Jacket.

  • Billy Jack Tom Laughlin Blue Denim Jacket - Street Style Cotton Denim Jacket - Front View
    $129.00 USD

    Billy Jack Tom Laughlin Denim Jacket is a nod to the iconic style of Tom Laughlin’s character in the movie “Billy Jack,” who embodies a rugged yet effortlessly cool spirit. Its classic design reflects the timeless appeal of his persona, a man who operates by his own rules in a world that often doesn’t play fair. Wearing the Billy Jack Blue Denim Jacket isn’t just a fashion choice; it’s a homage to a cultural icon and a reminder of the power of standing up for justice.