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  • Reacher Season 2 Brown Jacket aka Jack Reacher Brown Cotton Cruiser Jacket - Front Posture
    $129.00$149.00 USD

    A tough guy with a compassionate heart is what makes any girl dazzle. Such a combo is Jack Reacher, a popular book character. A recent adaptation of the character by Alan Ritchson in the TV series Reacher spellbound the audience with his intimidating personality. Alan Ritchson Brown Cotton Jacket represents his tough nature and keen intellect. Perfect for a day out in the life of an ex-military cop turned nomad, this piece of clothing emanates all the fierce and savage vibes as well as gives him a heroic look while fighting off the baddie criminals. 

  • David Puddy 8 Ball Red Leather Jacket - Front View
    $109.00$149.00 USD

    Introducing SAFYD’s version of Seinfeld 8 Ball Jacket, famously worn by Patrick Warburton in his role as David Puddy in the legendary sitcom Seinfeld. Seinfeld 8 Ball Jacket, with its distinctive and eye-catching design featuring a prominent 8 ball, became a symbol of Puddy’s unique personality and unapologetic quirkiness on the show. Step into the realm of sitcom history and embody Puddy’s bold and unforgettable style with this classic piece of television memorabilia.

  • Good for Health - Bad for Education Red JacketAkira Kaneda Jacket
    $139.00$199.00 USD

    Attention all anime enthusiasts! Prepare to be thrilled by our newest offering: the Akira Kaneda Capsule Red Jacket. Delve into the world of iconic Japanese anime with this must-have item. Its sleek design mirrors Kaneda’s confident and daring nature, making it the perfect fit for his role in the movie, Akira, as a motorcycle gang leader in the post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo. It’s not just attire; it’s a shield, representing his protector role. Gear up in the Akira Kaneda Capsule Red Jacket and unleash your inner anime hero today!

  • Michael Keaton's Batman Leather Jacket - Front View
    $119.00$199.00 USD

    This Yellow Batman Logo was first seen in the Lego Batman animated movie released in 2017, which featured a classic DC storyline. However, the appearance of the fan-favorite Batman Yellow logo in The Flash (2023) movie, worn by the critically acclaimed Batman played by Michael Keaton, proves to be the main highlight of the film. Although he is considered a superhero, Batman lacks any superhuman abilities and relies solely on his intelligence, physical prowess, and a vast array of high-tech gadgets to combat his foes. What helped him become the dark hero of the century is his Batman Leather Jacket, adorned with a bat emblem that symbolizes justice and determination. If you are a fan of his dark and brooding personality, the Lego Batman Leather Jacket is the perfect wardrobe choice for you!

  • Yellowstone's Beth Dutton Wool Coat with Shearling Collar - Front View
    $149.00$179.00 USD

    Inspired by the savvy businesswoman, Beth Dutton in the American neo-western drama serial Yellowstone, SAFYD has recreated the branded outerwear to make you look fierce and independent just like her. Played by the gorgeous Kelly Reilly, Beth is a competent child and only daughter of the Dutton family and handles the family’s ranch business. A multidimensional personality, she is extremely intelligent, problem-solving and loyal. Beth Dutton Yellowstone coat is designed to match the same traits and give a modern and savage appeal regardless of where you are, at a party or in a business meeting. 

  • $129.00$159.00 USD

    Carroll Shelby Blue Jacket worn by Matt Damon in the movie Ford v Ferrari, perfectly captures his charismatic and resilient persona. The jacket embodies Shelby’s no-nonsense attitude and determination. It’s sturdy construction and functional design reflects his practical nature as a legendary automotive designer and racer. The shade of blue chosen for the jacket exudes confidence, mirroring Shelby’s unwavering belief in his abilities. With its sleek yet rugged appearance, this jacket embodies the spirit of Caroll Shelby, serving as a visual representation of his passion for speed and his unyielding pursuit of excellence.

  • Women's Eloise Black Leather Shearling Coat - Front View
    $299.00$329.00 USD

    Longline coats make an elegant addition to the closet. Designed in leather with shearling and fur, the timeless outerwear is SAFYD’s version of the vintage long coat for women. An air of luxury, it is best for the party tonight.

  • Women's Fiona Faux Shearling Leather Gilet - Front View
    $169.00$189.00 USD

    Another name for luxury apparel, SAFYD is delighted to announce a new line of fashion wear laced with stylish leather gilet for women. Faux Shearling Leather Vests for Women is certainly a fashion excellence that can not be matched!

  • Women's Gilberta Blue Leather Puffer Jacket - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Unlike traditional ones, a minimalist yet cozy Gilberta Puffer Jacket made with genuine leather. Aim to protect from rough weather with a dash of urban flair, this timeless aesthetics definitely deserves the top place in your closet this season.

  • Grand Turismo Jack Salter Black Shirt Collar Twil Cotton Jacket | David Harbour Blouson Jacket - Front View
    $119.00$149.00 USD

    David Harbour’s gripping appearance wearing Black Blouson Jacket in the movie, Gran Turismo, is what we all are waiting for. Becomes a symbolic link to the thrilling world of racing, its understated yet powerful presence embodies Jack Salter’s dedication and unwavering support as Jann’s trainer and mentor. Whether you’re navigating the high-speed tracks or conquering the challenges of everyday life, Jack Salter Gran Turismo Jacket offers a sense of confidence and determination, inspired by the relentless pursuit of excellence displayed in the movie.

  • The Last of Us Joel Cruiser Jacket - Pedro Pascal Brown Cotton Jacket - Front View - 14 % Off
    $119.00$139.00 USD

    HBO’s top-airing TV series The Last of Us 2023 has become a blockbuster instantly after premiering. Highly praised and acknowledged for his remarkable performance, Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller quickly become a fan’s favorite for his macho looks. The tough and resilient Joel, a pro smuggler in the post-apocalyptic world can be seen fighting for survival wearing The Last of Us Cotton jacket. The rugged and durable outerwear is ideal for people who work in tough jobs.

  • Women's Kim brown Leather Puffer Jacket - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Need a warmer outfit that makes you look cool and swaggy? Puffer jackets are definitely a go-to option. SAFYD has created this masterpiece padded jacket with modern cuts to suit the chic femmes out there!

  • Lupin Assane Diop Black Wool Long OverCoat - Front View
    $169.00$199.00 USD

    Inspired by the book character, Arsene Lupin, the young Assane Diop swears to become a gentleman thief and master of disguise after his father’s suicide. The Netflix french thriller revolves around the life of Assane Diop played by the talented Omar Sy and how he avenges his father’s insult and death because of the injustice inflicted by a wealthy family. Impressed by its wardrobe choices, SAFYD has recreated the same magic of style and sophistication in this latest Lupin Assane Diop Trench Coat.

  • Luther's Idris elba Grey Wool Trench Coat - Front View
    $139.00$169.00 USD

    Idris Elba is well-known for his remarkable performance as a detective, John Luther in the British TV series of the same name. Gained the actor multiple awards, the crime thriller drama revolves around the atrocious crimes cases he solves and his on-and-off relationship with a psychopath criminal Alice Morgan. DCI Luther will be remembered for his addictive personality and the serious style he carried throughout the course of five seasons. Luther Idris Elba Wool coat is here to add a subtle style to your outerwear collection!

  • Back to the Future Marty Mcfly Grey and Blue Denim Jacket - Front View
    $119.00$149.00 USD

    Marty McFly Grey And Blue Denim Jacket, featured in the iconic movie Back to the Future, seamlessly blends timeless style with a touch of retro-futurism. The jacket’s grey denim base symbolizes Marty’s initial state—relatable and rooted in his present time. The denim fabric represents his youthful energy, allowing him to effortlessly navigate his suburban life while the blue denim accents on the jacket signify the vibrant and dynamic era he finds himself in. The jacket’s retro-inspired details, such as the contrast stitching and subtle distressing, pay homage to the fusion of past and future that Marty encounters.