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  • Fight Club Tyler Durden Red Jacket with exposed Stitching in Faux and Real Leather - Front View
    $119.00$199.00 USD

    Fight Club Brad Pitt Red Jacket has become synonymous with his rebellious and charismatic persona as Tyler Durden in the movie, Fight Club. This vibrant red jacket is a visual representation of Tyler’s bold and audacious nature, perfectly encapsulating his unpredictable and free-spirited demeanour. Reflecting his unconventional approach to life, Fight Club Tyler Durden Jacket exudes a sense of confidence, becoming a symbol of rebellion against societal norms. Let this vibrant hue ignite your own desire for self-discovery!

  • Iam Malcolm Black Leather Blazer Worn in Jurassic Park Dominion
    $159.00$189.00 USD

    Starting as a side protagonist, Ian Malcolm became a constant in the movie series, Jurassic World. A great scientist with a nerdy mind and killer looks became the most popular and enduring character in the series. The role has gathered the actor Jeff Goldblum, immense appreciation and recognition and bagged him several awards for his authentic performance. Famous for the tagline “Life finds a way”, the actor made a staggering comeback in Jurassic World Dominion wearing Ian Malcolm black leather blazer that adds a sophisticated style to Ian Malcolm persona.